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Discussion in 'Google TV Feature Wish Lists' started by mobimation, Feb 21, 2012.

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    I noticed when configuring a Revue first time that one convenient feature seemed unnuccessarily hardcoded,
    namely the lists of possible TV providers to chose from and the channel lists for each such provider.
    I set the Revue up in Sweden and of course my provider was not on the list.
    I would like to see a way where at least a technically inclined user could insert his own list at a suitable place in the file system and have that list be used part of the install flow. I set the box up to cooperate with a IP network TV box and I'm able to control channel navigation in a smooth way. But unfortunately the channel numbers does not have the correct data for station names since I am forced to chose an irrelevant US provider to be able to proceed in the configuration flow.
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