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    I don't know how to explain this problem in a technical manner. When one turns on their Logitech, there is a start page. In the memory of the device, no forward or backward link exists at that moment. Frequently, while on a website, just moving the cursor arrow in a random movement will take me back to the start page. And I can't get back to the original webpage that I was viewing, easily. When I click the options key on the keyboard, the Back and Forward links are grayed-out and not operable. To get back to the page that I was viewing, I have to click Options, then scroll down to History. I believe the problem began after the most recent update. Is anyone else experiencing this and what is the solution?

    Technically, I'm guessing it has something to do with Google Chrome and Android. When we visit a webpage, we're using Google Chrome, aren't we? When does the use of Android come into play with the Logitech GTV? It's as if I'm being switched from Google Chrome to Android for some unknown reason.
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    I experience the exact same issue periodically. Some other Revue users thought that a hardware problem was making their Revue randomly reboot. I tend to think that this is a software issue. I will mention that my Revue hasn't rebooted since I installed the Smart Ram Booster app, Keeping my fingers crossed.
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