CrunchyRoll App version .65 works well for me

Discussion in 'Google TV Apps' started by madman999, Mar 29, 2012.

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    Seems like GTV/Logitech Revue has very few success stories but just wanted to say that since the latest update of the Crunchyroll App to version .65, it's been working reasonably well for me.

    Its for streaming Anime, Korean, Japanese and Chinese dramas from the the Crunchyroll website. If you are interested in stuff like this, give it a try.

    Previous versions had all sorts of issues with stuttering, crashing and other flash based headaches. I think the app relies on Flash but I notice that when using it on my phone and tablet, it doesn;t send my CPU utiliaztion through the roof so its possible that it is having the same positive effect on my Logitech Revue.

    I only bring this up as a possible case of where originally it looked like the hardware/platform was to blame and problems could not be resolved but it seems like it was solved inside the software.

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