Cox Cable Launches Personalized Contour Experience with iPad App, 2TB 6 Tuner DVR

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    Cox Cable launches personalized Contour experience with iPad app, 2TB 6 tuner DVR (click for full article)

    by Richard Lawler - August 7, 2013

    "Cox Cable is the latest pay-TV company to relaunch its viewing experience, putting features formerly branded as Trio and Cox TV Connect under the new Contour umbrella. Contour is the new name of its guide for TV and accompanying iPad app, all focused on creating a personalized experience for each user, with tailored suggestions and favorites for up to eight individual profiles.

    This comes along with the "Record 6" 6-tuner DVR, featuring 2TB of space for up to 300 hours of HD storage and whole home DVR support. The tablet app also allows for viewing live TV from 90 or so channels and video on-demand (while the user is at home), plus the ability to search listings and schedule DVR recordings, or push a program they're watching on the tablet to the TV. It even includes shortcuts to other TV apps on the device like HBO Go, ESPN or CNN.

    Much of the TV watching functionality has been available via the Cox TV Connect app which is still shipping for the iPad 1, Android, Mac and Windows platforms, although Contour is currently iPad and iOS 6-only. The Contour app is available for subscribers with most Cox TV or Contour TV service, plus Preferred Internet or higher, while the guide and DVR are out in all markets. Check after the break for a preview video of how it all works, or hit the links below to download the app or see if the service is available in your area."

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    Ain't gonna work, tho I wish them well. It's not the access or even the content, it's the packaging.

    Another bungled bundle...

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