Could Google Glass Be The Future Of Google TV's Second Screen Experience?

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    Could Google Glass Be The Future Of Google TV's Second-Screen Experience? | Fast Company (click for full article)

    By AUSTIN CARR | NOVEMBER 29, 2012

    "There's been a lot of talk about the second-screen experience," says Google product VP Mario Queiroz, referring to the devices viewers turn to while watching TV. "We haven't implemented a second-screen experience just to be able to say we've done it. When does it make sense for a [Google TV] user to have his or her tablet, or phone, or computer?"

    Or futuristic eyewear? That's the question I posed to Queiroz, who oversees the company's TV projects. Several weeks ago, the search giant launched the latest version of Google TV, an upgrade that focuses on simplifying television navigation with voice interactions, a streamlined user interface, and an experience that makes the television service feel more TV than PC. In fact, Queiroz has pushed some of the more complicated parts of the system off to second-screen devices--where users can, say, select YouTube videos to watch on the big screen from their smartphones and tablets. But what if Google Glass, the company's buzzy computer-eyewear project, were integrated with Google TV?

    "Uh, I can't comment on that," says Queiroz, sounding slightly caught off-guard, when I ask him about a potential partnership between Google Glass and Google TV. "There's a lot of thought given to the integration of these different projects--integrating the tablet with the TV, say. And certainly, there's probably a lot that we can do there [with Glass], but nothing I can talk to you about."
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    Well, given that Google Glass is the future of everything... I'd say the answer is YES.

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