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    Sony's 3D Blu-ray Player: #1 at Amazon?
    By Swanni

    Washington, D.C. (January 20, 2011) -- By now, even a passive follower of the CE industry knows that 3D TVs are struggling. Sales have fallen far short of expectations and research indicates that consumers may not be interested in the new sets at any price.

    So then, why is Sony's
    BDP-S570 3D Blu-ray player today outselling all other Blu-ray players at Amazon.com? The unit is even beating such traditional top sellers as two LG network-enabled Blu-ray players, one of which is cheaper than the Sony 3D player. (The Sony player today is priced at $160.)

    Well, there is a reason for the Sony's sudden rise. A few reasons, in fact.

    In addition to boasting the 3D feature, the Sony BDP-S570 offers the following:

    * Built-In Wi-Fi, enabling owners to access such Internet entertainment services as Netflix, Amazon, Pandora, Slacker, Picasa and YouTube.

    * DLNA wireless streaming of photos, music and videos from your PC.

    * A free app that turns your iPhone and iPod touch into a remote control.

    And, of course, like all Blu-ray players, the Sony unit plays Blu-ray high-def discs and DVDs.

    But isn't the 3D feature the reason the Sony player is today's top seller?

    Apparently not, if you read the 346 consumer reviews of the player posted at Amazon.com. The overwhelming majority of buyers of the BDP-S570 are raving about the unit's streaming capabilities while some are praising its fast-loading feature and PC networking. (Not everyone is praising something; the player's overall consumer ranking is 4 stars out of 5.)

    The 3D feature is rarely even mentioned in the reviews.

    It appears that CE companies looking to get 3D TVs and Blu-ray players into more homes can take a lesson from the fast-selling Sony BDP-S570. Load up the 3D products with features that consumers really want and they might buy them. (If the price is right -- and at $160, the price is right; some less capable Net-enabled Blu-ray players cost more.)

    And, one day, they might actually check out that 3D feature they didn't care about when they made the purchase.



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