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    Echostar’s Sling Extender wins FCC approval. Coming soon to Dish Network?

    Published January 27, 2011
    EchoStar’s SlingMedia subsidiary has been showing off its Sling Extender, also known as the Sling Receiver 300, for a few months now. The device connects to your home network, and allows you to stream media, including DVR content and live TV, from a SlingLoaded DVR.

    Today, the Sling Extender, pictured above, won FCC approval. The device was pictured in FCC filings with Dish Network branding, suggesting that Dish Network users will soon be able to use the device to stream video across their network.
    The Sling Extender offers pretty much every type of connection you could ask for, including composite, component, HDMI and digital audio. The device connects to your home network over WiFi or wired Ethernet connection, and can stream HD video given enough bandwidth. Multiple Sling Extenders can be added to TVs throughout your home, and you can select what Sling Extender receives streaming content through the device’s remote controlled on-screen interface. The Sling Extender also has a mounting bracket that allows you to mount the device to the back of a TV.
    We don’t have any pricing or availability info on the Sling Extender yet.


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