Comcast Margins Will Only Decrease

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    Comcast Margins Will Only Decrease - Seeking Alpha (click for full article)

    October 3, 2012

    "Make no mistake: Comcast (CMCSA) isn't doing poorly. However, it appears to have only one way to go and that is down. There are many pressures creeping into Comcast's market that will almost certainly introduce a new kind of competition that Comcast does not seem poised to deal with. Mainly, the disruption of television services by Google ( GOOG), among others, has the potential to decrease Comcast's revenues. Lower revenues will hit Comcast hard as it will drag down its profit margins, which have historically been pretty large.

    First, Comcast is in a solid position currently as the industry leader in selling a la carte movies and videos to television viewers. To be precise, it currently sells 23% of on demand videos which is a large amount and far ahead of its competition. However, Comcast is among a relatively small number of providers, a number that seems to be adding more competition by the day. Specifically, with the uptake of the Apple TV (AAPL) and Google TV, as well as other set top boxes such as Roku, I expect this number to fall. When you include streaming services such as Netflix (NFLX) or Hulu, this number becomes smaller still."
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