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    Google - Cloud Print

    Classic printers
    "Classic Printers connect to the Internet through a laptop or PC, and register with Google Cloud Print using a feature of Google Chrome."

    I'm interested in accessing Google Cloud Print and will be buying a compatible printer to use with my Revue. In the above URL, it mentions Classic printers. I'm guessing they are less expensive than the Google Cloud Ready printers. In any event, if someone buys a "classic printer", is it just one time that they connect through a laptop/PC for registering with Google Cloud Print? Or do they have to connect through the laptop/PC each time they want to print something?
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    I came across this tutorial for using the PrinterShare app to print with Google TV:

    GTVFriends - Print from your Google TV


    Interesting..... right around the same date as the above tutorial was posted (Feb, 27th 2012) - a Revue user e-mailed PrinterShare and asked them if they support Google TV. They emailed him back and said "no - they do not support Google TV". Here is a link to that thread:


    I suspect that there is "some" functionality with PrinterShare and GTV devices - but perhaps not full functionality. Those directions and the thread were from the end of February - so things might of changed since then. I suggest e-mailing PrinterShare to see if they can clarify how it functions with GTV.


    To answer your question specifically certain classic printers that have the necessary drivers are supposed to work with the paid version of PrinterShare app.


    "Google Cloud Print

    When selecting Cloud Print in PrinterShare as your printer, you will not be required to purchase Premium PrinterShare app. This scenario works if you have a Cloud Ready printer or connect your printer to an intermediate computer that has Google Chrome browser installed from which you share your printer.

    However, if your wireless printer is not Cloud Ready and you would like to print to it directly without connecting it to an intermediate computer, please consider buying the license."
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