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    I'm a Cox Customer in Phoenix and I have the Whole Home DVR. I've used a Revue for years now without terribly much issue but really wanted to swap over for a better remote experience and hopefully faster Google TV. I've got everything set up just fine and my remote controls everything except the "A" "B" "C" I know that other providers just simply use colors and even with these buttons assigned to the colors none of them work to do anything with those menus. Sadly after watching something on my DVR its the easiest way to delete a program. Has anyone had any success in setting these up to work correctly? I did some searching and didn't find much of anything so I apologize if it's been asked before.

    Thanks :)

    I found A and B on the other side of the remote and they seem work okay. X and Y will not work for C so I still could use the help!
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