Chumby Preps NeTV Internet TV Ticker

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    Chumby Preps NeTV Internet TV Ticker - Zatz Not Funny!

    "But, beyond licensing their platform, Chumby will also be rolling out their very own NeTV connected television device this fall. As Engadget points out, it's pronounced "Any TV" as this little gadget performs the nifty Google TV-esque trick in sitting between your cable box and any television. By connecting in this manner, NeTV will overlay Internet content on top of your television programming and the primary feature is an adjustable (size, location, content) ticker of Internet and/or phone-based data. Additionally, folks with Android and iPhone devices can maximize NeTV's capabilities by sharing photos or webpages from the small screen onto your presumable larger television. Like prior Chumby initiatives, NeTV is openly extensible and developers can run wild."
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