Chromecast Still Has a Leg Up?

Discussion in 'Amazon Fire TV' started by webfeatworks, Apr 2, 2014.

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    The thing about Chromecast is it allows you to use your own device to browse and play content instead of having to use the typical, clumsy handheld remotes that come with these devices. I'd much rather use my tablet or laptop to navigate YouTube, for example, then even the Google TV remote.

    Also does the Amazon Fire allow you to play content off a NAS or USB external hard drive? And then what formats would be supported?

    However, if one is just looking for a device to play Netflix, Hulu and that standard fare, this device may have a leg up on what's already out there.
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    Personal preference but the last thing I want to use to find content to play on a big screen HDTV is a smart phone or tablet. I use the Logitech Revue K700 keyboard even though I retired the Logitech Revue. A full sized keyboard remains my preference for internet searches for something to watch. For simple playback of content, a handheld remote beats a smart phone. I do see a lot of people typing on smart phones or tablets with their thumbs so I may be way out of the mainstream.

    I also think the Amazon Fire TV can be easily paired with a smart phone or tablet so even that isn't an advantage Chromecast. Chromecast advantage is price and anything it does that the Amazon Fire can not do.
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    Now that ya mention it, I'd really like to know if anyone has NOT been able to use the K700 KB on any device or PC. I would imagine Dell to be the only exclusion as it uses a different USB interface than most PCs or devices. And even here there might be Adaptors to circumvent Dell's Proprietary restrictions.

    More importantly are the current GTV units. All the units I've tried are easily paired w/the K700 KB.

    Any unit that comes out that doesn't work w/this KB might not be worthy of our time...


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