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    The instructions say to go to the "search" section within settings, but it's not listed.

    My Google searches are giving me results from the U.K., Australia, Hong Kong, etc. on the first page of results, but I'm located in Latin America. I've complained about this to Google maybe six months ago and it still hasn't been fixed. I notice that I get different results (the U.K. Australia results) when I do the search in the Omnibox than when I go to www.google.com.(+country code where I live).

    It's simpler and faster to use the Omnibox. I was hoping to be able to track down this problem after discovering the Chrome settings/search instructions, but I've run into another dead-end. All my Google account settings are showing country locations in this part of the world, not Europe or Asia!

    Well, at least I've discovered that it is the Omnibox that is the source of the problem. But why the difference in results between the omnibox and Google . If you're located stateside, the results may be identical. If not, I'd be interested in knowing if any one else is showing a divergence in search results between the two.

    Edit: Using Logitech Revue.
    2nd Edit: I see the Omnibox alternative isn't any better as it shows a number of U.K. results on the first page. I searched for mish tfmr. The second result was a babycenter.com and the third, fourth and fifth results a babycentre.co.uk url.
    3rd Edit: On further checking, I see that a search for Price Waterhouse, not using the Omnibox, does not show any U.K or Asia results on the first two pages - just one from India on the bottom of the second page.
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