Chrome for Android in the Works

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    Chrome for Android Finally in the Works
    October 3rd, 2011

    [​IMG]According to Issue 8008026 posted to the Chromium Code website, Google may finally be bringing together two of its biggest recent projects with the introduction of the Chrome browser for Android. It wouldn’t mark the first time the two platforms have shared screen time (that honor goes to Google TV), but this is the first indication that we could see a version of the popular web browser custom built for Android handsets. It goes without saying that Chrome would amount to a huge step forward from the minimalistic browser currently bundled with the Android OS.

    So when will we get our first look at Chrome for Android? The answer isn’t so clear. We know that the browser found in Ice Cream Sandwich is seriously overhauled, but have nothing to say that it could in fact run under the Chrome banner. At best we may only have to wait a matter of weeks, at worst we could be looking at something much farther down the road.


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