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    I'm experiencing something new when Chrome crashes. I find I have to re-sign in to websites, like this website. Before, I'd be on a page, get a black screen (Chrome crash), press Google Chrome and have access to the page that I was previously viewing - via "History" in Options. Now, for the past few days, if I'm on Gmail, and Chrome crashes, I have to re-sign into to my Gmail account to access what I was previously viewing. It wasn't like that last month.

    Also, every night, I disconnect my GTV. In the morning, I find I have to sign into my Gmail account. Even though I previously check-marked the "keep me logged in" box.

    One other strange thing is occurring. I use Gmail in the HTML View and have the setting at 25 e-mails per page for my inbox. I have about 35 e-mails in my inbox (mostly unread Spanish Word of the Day from about.com) on a regular basis. Just the other day, at the top of my inbox, it started showing the total number of e-mails in my inbox at, like, 66. And when I click on the second page in my inbox, it only shows the additional 10 e-mails - for a total of 35. Every day now, when I log into my Gmail account, the first page of the inbox indicates that 1 of 25 e-mails are being shown out of a total of 66. Weird.

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