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Discussion in 'Android TV' started by Mike Green9, Feb 9, 2018.

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    Hi. Feb.09.2018

    I'm in the process of buying an Android Set Top Box. It will be connected to my 4k 70” Vizio via HDMI, and a Denon 3805 via optical. No game playing, mostly Kodi like services, perhaps Netflix down the road, and some minor web surfing. I will be adding an Rii i8+ backlit keyboard and 32gb micro sd card.

    I have looked at 50+ Set Top Boxes. The more I look, the more I'm confused. My basic criteria is Android 7+, 4k @ 60fps, HDR10, automatic frame rate switching, H.265 Hardware Decoding, Widevine DRM level 1, Dolby Digital Audio, 2GBG RAM, NOT S905 or S912 Processor, BlueTooth, 2 or more USB ports, optical out, 2.4/5 GHz. Wifi, 100M Ethernet, OTA firmware updates, a decent GUI, a Website, a forum, and did I mention Android 7+.

    <Begin Rant:>
    I am totally amazed on how few boxes are on Android 7. Android 6 was released October 2015, Android 7 was released August 2016, and Android 8 was released August 2017. Looking at my calendar, today is February 2018. Have I made my point?

    It must be a whole lot of money to upgrade a box to a newer rev of Android. I asked Minix if they were coming out with a box on Android 7, and they said they had no plans to go to Android 7. Are they kidding me?
    <End Rant!!>

    My search has led me to the Zidoo H6 Pro. It appears to have it all. I really would prefer the Zidoo X9S, but, believe it or not, it's Android 6. Am I being silly about my obsession with Android 7?

    My concern with the Zidoo H6 Pro is that it is a teeny box, and it will run very HOT.

    Anyone here have experience with Zidoo H6 Pro? Should I reconsider the Zidoo X9S?? Any suggestions for an alternative box?

    Any comments or advice would be greatly appreciated.


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    I don't know anything about the Zidoo H6 Pro and this forum primarily deals with official Android TV and Google TV devices. I think Freaktab.com should have some useful information since it covers many of the Android mini PCs.

    Forums - FreakTab.com
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    The Nvidia Shield is by far the best: 3GB RAM; the best brand for getting updates (it's the box most likely to be the first to update a latest version of Android); the best support for Dolby, apps development, and any other support for whatever the new HDTVs require.
    The Nexus box would actually be the first box to upgrade because it's Google's own box, but this box is also one of the most limited in features and capability.

    I really don't know why anyone would consider any other device for media streaming and running apps beyond the Nvidia Shield after researching the situation.

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