CES 2012: Vizio to Tackle PC Market in June With Ultrabooks, All-in-Ones

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    Vizio looks to enter the highly competitive PC market

    One of the first things that come to mind when the name Vizio is mentioned are cheap flat-panel televisions. The American-based company has been fighting it out in the TV market by introduced feature-packed models at bargain basement prices. Now Vizio is looking to do the same thing in the PC market.

    With its new PC lineup (which all will be running Windows 7), Vizio is tackling two of the hottest sectors in the computer market: all-in-ones and Ultrabooks. According to the Financial Times, Vizio will introduce 24" and 27" all-in-one machines along with 14" and 15.6" Ultrabooks (although Vizio prefers the term "thin and light"). A third laptop, a 15.6" model, will offer "extreme portable performance."

    [SUP]Vizio's 27" all-in-one[/SUP]
    So how exactly does Vizio think that it can compete in such a cutthroat PC market place -- a market that Hewlett-Packard recently was thinking of abandoning? "We’ve built a business model and strategy to identify markets that have matured and have slowed and then turn them upside down," said Vizio CTO Matt McRae. "We are uniquely advantaged in attacking stale markets that have sleepy giants that are not moving the ball forward much.”

    McRae follows up by stating that the machines will be offered at “a price that just doesn’t seem possible.”


    [SUP]The entire Vizio PC lineup [Source: The Verge][/SUP]

    Although the new machines won’t hit the market until June, the company will have it new PCs on full display at the Consumer Electronics Show and we’ll definitely be brining you some hands-on analysis.



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    Very cool. Can't wait to see the Vizio GTV.

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