Can anyone answer a few questions about Nexus Player/Android TV?

Discussion in 'Android TV' started by alanwaston, Dec 16, 2016.

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    Hi All,

    I'm seriously considering the Nexus Player to replace my beloved (but cranky & aging) Revue. Forgive me, I'm sure the answers are out there somewhere but I'm still unclear on a few things:
    1. On the Nexus Player, can the microUSB port be used to hook up an external hard drive? Or, even better, a USB hub?
    2a. I'd want to hook up my Revue's keyboard if possible with a spare Logitech dongle I have laying around. Has anyone tried this?
    2b. Do the standard media keys on a keyboard work largely as expected?
    2c. If the Revue keyboard won't work, will any standard BT keyboard/mouse combo work?
    3. Does Android TV even accept keyboard/mouse input? I hope it's like Google TV. Personally, I am quite happy with the Revue's keyboard/trackpad combo.
    4. Does the user have access to Android system volume? My home setup is annoying in that each device needs to be able to control its own volume. :rolleyes:
    5. I've read mixed reports: Is it possible to sideload Chrome and the old Flash apk? If not, maybe something more limited like Opera Mini? I don't browse on my TV often but there are times when it's handy.
    6. Can we add YouTube videos (live streams) directly to the home page? (important for my in-laws).
    7. Last pie-in-the-sky question: Is there a USB IR *blaster* that works with the Nexus Player?

    Thanks for reading. I bet half of these are unanswerable... I just can't decide to wait on a newer Android TV model or buy the Nexus Player. My Revue is running into so many memory issues it's almost unusable and I don't have time to rebuild it every three days.
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