Cable TV, Wireless Phones And The Great Spectrum Hunt

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    Technology News: Wireless: Cable TV, Wireless Phones and the Great Spectrum Hunt (click for full article)

    "We have to make some decisions. Do we just want AT&T and Verizon as the two key competitors, or do we want as many as we have today (which, by the way, is fewer than ever before)? Do we want Comcast changing and leading the wireless space as well as cable television? Do we want new innovative technology to change the television space like it has already changed the music and smartphone space?

    Comcast (Nasdaq: CMCSK) has grown from a small cable television company in the 1990s to the largest conglomerate in the space, all thanks to Brian Roberts and his father Ralph Roberts. It was a real bootstrapping, entrepreneurial, family-run company that did many great things over the years and helped to transform the industry.

    Has it now grown too large? Will Comcast's current growth plans help or hurt the wireless and television industry? You may be surprised -- it's a little of both."
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