Bypass Vizio Co-Star Restrictions

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    the gtvhacker forums for this device isnt as active, since there is no root yet
    here are some things I discovered for things that pissed me off about this device in comparison to the revue
    I can't tell if these were there before, since I just got it and updated to the latest version

    Bypassing vizio's restrictions
    yes this list is stupid, but believe it or not, you can't do these things without following these steps
    I'm looking at you vizio... seriously??

    setting homepage for chrome browser (for example about:blank)
    - go to your browser, open up your desired page
    - add it to your favorites
    - go to your bookmarks page, and hold the select on that page
    - at the bottom, you should see the option to set it as homepage

    how to use apps without google account logged in (for people that wear tinfoil hat)
    - replace the home launcher with Open Launcher for Google TV from the play store
    (remove your account afterwards; and make it your default launcher obviously)

    access vanilla system settings because you can't turn off sound effects from vizio's settings app
    - open widget app, press menu and then settings... voila

    one of the tips mentioned how to turn off stb using the menu button while watching live tv...
    doesn't look like the option is there anymore... any other way of turning it off?

    adding ndk support to google tv is probably google caving in to the fact that people are not going to develop apps specifically for the google tv... just like barnes and nobles adding play store support... when will they learn not to make products that are defective by design and hope to make gain market share well after the product has launched.
    here's hoping vizio learned, and won't be putting these restrictions on the jelly bean update or future products.
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