Buy movies from YouTube or Amazon?

Discussion in 'Google TV General Discussion' started by polardude1983, Sep 4, 2012.

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    I'm guessing that Google Play movies and YouTube movies are one in the same. Now that we can buy movies from YouTube in the TV & Movies app.

    Which do you prefer buying from?

    I don't know myself which is why I am asking. I do want to Google play to survive though.

    The devices I have are the Google tv, iPhone 3GS, Linux PC, and MacBook Air.

    Just curious.
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    Jan 14, 2012
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    So here's the thing, with the TV and Movies App you have the option to find a Movie that is available from multiple sources. When you select a Movie to watch you will be given the option to choose Netflix, Amazon, You Tube/ Google Play, Crackle, it will also list if the Movie is coming up on a channel you subscribe to with Cable TV ie HBO. If Sony gets their act together they will also show up in the search results some day perhaps.

    So each time you find a Movie you want to watch you get comparison prices or the chance to record on your DVR. The point is you will make this decision most likely based on the best price every time.

    See for yourself:

    Search for TV and Movies App on You Tube

    Not available in Canada just yet but we hope it will be supported soon on the New Sony GTV box.
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    I don't recall purchasing or renting movies from YouTube or Google Play but I do like Amazon rentals which I usually download to a TiVoHD for playback. I don't think I will ever start buying digital downloads, movies or music, very often since I prefer discs. My favorite source for digital movie rentals is Vudu but unfortunately it is not available with Google TV.

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