Building a box with a Satellite Tuner

Discussion in 'Google TV Hardware Discussion' started by ahmader, Jan 31, 2011.

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    Dear All,

    I am interested to build a commercial box that include a Tuner as a replacement of old STP and DVR, if anyone familiar with DreamBox and E-Box these STPs having linux OS and ethernet, no HDMI. what would the possibilities to make this happen ?

    My Aim is to work this out with a well known factory they will do me any kind of hardware. Now my question is what are the things I need to look for in the Hardwar part, and would GoogleTV OS help me accomplish this?

    My own points to look for:
    1- Cost should start with less than 100$.
    2- Customized OS UI.
    3- HDMI or better NO HDMI for first release.
    4- GoogleTV does it have Tuner drivers and ready App. or do I need to work this out with the linux community and/or develop this App too.

    Also I am thinking to add a DSL modem interface and Wireless AP in AD-Hook mode.

    So I guess now many will be interested to help me out, I want to build the smallest All-In-One device, any talk would be beneficial and I'm also looking for team players in this project. Please do not hesitate.

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