Brilliant Marketing! Logitech Revue "Special Bundle" Package and Pricing!

Discussion in 'Google TV General Discussion' started by popeye123, Nov 18, 2011.

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    Got to Kudos to the Marketing Department of Logitech credit for a brilliant way to get rid of all the leftover Revues.

    I went to Best Buy today and all out of $99 Revues. She said she just got a truck load of new pachaging. She said for $5 more I can get the HD Video Cam. There it was $105.99. She rang it up and the price was $129 plus tax.
    She called over the manager and she said pricing error-she would honor the price of $105.99 but she had her take all price tags off. Looks like Best Buy priced tagged incorrectly and the price for the new packaging and bundle is $129 going forward!

    The packaging is small and it definitely says " Coming Fall 2011-Automatic Upgrade to Google TV with Android 3.1 Free!"
    No sticker, part of package and back says Android Market. Says "Special Bungle". Whole new packaging. Revue + TV Cam 991-00057.

    After unpacking and thinking about this and the price of $129 it is a perfect way of "dumping" the revues. New packaging,pricing, and more bang for the buck. I bet they took all the $99 revue boxes back and are re-packaging those. Hey for $29 more they get Web Cam and can market a new use for this device web cam for the family-Sony & Lg does not have this-perfect for the Holidays. How much could the cost of the HD Video Camera cost Logitech?

    Yep by Christmas they will have accomplished their goal of unloading/dumping the Revues. Then good bye.

    I am condident now that 3.1 will be out now. If not-wow-what a class action suit they will have on their hands.
    The next question is WHEN the update will be out!
    I am sure there is a marketing strategy with that as well

    So to conclude-pretty impressive marketing to dump the revues-great pricing structure-great packaging. The person who developed this strategy should get a big X-Mas bonus.

    The only problem is the way Logitech handles their customers. There will be pricing posts of how much everyone else paid for the revue at $99 with no opportunity for camera. The people who bought the old bundle for higher price.
    Also the people waiting for the update hearing "a few more weeks".

    All about the mighty dollar. I would think the price of the stock should rise a tad.

    Lets get ready for the posts about the previous paragraph.

    Thanks though for the bundle-It is going right on eBay. I do have my ethics.

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