Breifs: Roku, Apple TV, Google TV Hackathon, TV Apps

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    Briefs: Roku, Apple TV, Google TV hackathon, TV apps (click for full article)

    "A few quick industry updates from around the web, TV app edition...

    Time Warner Cable on Roku? - Engadget reports that Time Warner Cable is preparing to launch a live streaming app on Roku with other connected TV experiences to follow.

    Apple talking to Epix? - Bloomberg reports that Apple is talking with Epix to create a movie streaming app for Apple TV boxes - and potentially, new Apple TV sets, too.

    Google TV app hackathon - From social media to discovery, over 370 developers hammered out apps for Google TV's platform in its first-ever hackathon.

    In search for apps for TV - A good wrap-up in the New York Times about the increasing tension between TV apps and the traditional cable/satellite distribution model. "
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