Boxee TV: Like Paying To Be A Beta Tester (Review)

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    Boxee TV: Like paying to be a beta tester (review) | VentureBeat (click for full article)

    by Devindra Hardawar - March 3, 2013

    "Within five minutes of turning on the Boxee TV, I was ready to return it.

    It's Boxee's second stab at building a set-top box for the living room, but it's far more focused on mainstream consumers than its predecessor. The $99 Boxee TV includes the usual apps, like Netflix and Vudu, as well as the ability to receive free over-the-air TV channels. But its real claim to fame is the cloud DVR, which allows you to store unlimited television recordings on Boxee's server.

    It's a device that promised to reshape the way we view TV, a device that Boxee is basically betting its future on - and I couldn't even navigate its menus without some sort of frustrating glitch or crash.

    In its quest to conquer the next big thing, Boxee made a product that failed to get the basics right. The cloud DVR lacks simple features, like scheduling a recording from the channel guide. The remote is a nightmare. And it crashes, a lot.

    This review was among the hardest I've ever had to write. I'm a huge fan of Boxee, from its hacker roots as a media player for modified Xbox consoles, to its rise as one of the most interesting media startups in New York City. (Mayor Michael Bloomberg recently made a major announcement at Boxee's office, which former Google CEO Eric Schmidt also attended.)

    When Boxee first announced this product, we called its unlimited storage "insane" and dubbed the product "amazing," because it seemed so promising.

    But after living with the Boxee TV for almost two months now, it's time to call this thing a dud."
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    I thought it was a terrible idea when I first read about it and now it looks like a terrible idea poorly executed, about the equivalent of me trying ballet dancing dressed in a pink tutu.

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