Boxee Box By D-Link Hands-On, Better Late Than Never

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    Boxee Box By D-Link Hands-On, Better Late Than Never | TekGoblin (click for full article)

    "There has been a progressive movement in the market of streaming television content that some would say was initially popularized by Netflix along with the proliferation of smart TV systems like the Boxee Box by D-Link, Apple TV, and Roku, Google TV among others.

    Several smart TVs are really infiltrating the households of people all over the world at significant rates. We have taken a look at several web enabled set-top boxes in the past and now we have the privilege to let you know how our experiences on the Boxee Box have been.

    Now if your wondering what took so long for us to get our hands on one or to review it, well the answer is simple. We wanted Boxee to grow up a bit more before we staked it up against the like of the Apple TV or the Google TV. You see when the Boxee first came out there was much fanfare to its hardware and potential software improvements.

    Netflix and Hulu were services that would be coming soon, but most early adopters had to wait nearly a year before they ever saw Netflix and we are still waiting for Hulu. While some companies like Apple release features and Apps on time with third parties, it took the Boxee box longer to get certain content providers on their device.

    This could have been due to possible difficulties in the SDK for the Boxee system or maybe a lack of motivation by the content providers themselves, it makes no difference as delayed content leads to lack of proliferation. Boxee is starting to pick up steam recently, but will it be enough with so many other competitors in the market now and many other similar devices on the horizon is yet to be seen."
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    I love my boxee box with the Sony Google tv :) I just don't like the current firmware and hope they update it soon to fix the slowdown since they added spotify :(

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