Bought a new keyboard and it works for several of my devices - kinda

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    I still use my GTV every day. I also have a FTV stick plugged into to HDMI in.

    I have found that the GTV seems to be Wife and kid safe while many of my other options aren't. (my 5 year old seems to order Amazon Prime on the FTV somehow even though that should be blocked)

    But, I have way to many controllers.
    I wish I could get the Sony remote to work with "other stuff".

    I bought a VG-KBD2000 and it works with most of my devices - somewhat
    The nice thing is that I can be using this keyboard, and without putting it down , control my "other stuff" by hitting a selector switch.

    I really wish it would do more though. It still isn't a replacement for the GTV remote as that will control the volume,channel,input etc.
    This has buttons for those things, but will not.

    But, switching device control is nice. I can hit a button and switch over to use an app on the FTV and then switch back. I can watch a show on Vimu or another app hit pause and switch to another device to play kids shows..... and then later switch back using the same remote.

    But, wish it would do more. Wish I knew how I could get those buttons working.

    I probably could put some sort of GoogleTV remote app working on several devices and use that to control the volume etc. - maybe

    It will work on a HTPC or tablet

    Here is a post with info I put in another forum:

    I picked this up for my Samsung TV ( doesn't work with mine - no Bluetooth )
    But, it works with my Sony GoogleTv and my FTV stick with settings apk side-loaded
    the nice thing with this keyboard is that you can pair it with 3 different devices.
    It has a selector button on the top to choose which one.
    I haven't played with it very long and am trying to figure out what works and what doesn't
    To use the touch-pad a switch on the bottom needs to be slid to "mouse mode"
    I can't use the TV specific buttons on the right side of the keyboard. Wish i knew how to get them to work with the GoogleTv - it has an Ir blaster built in and will control volume,channel,etc
    It will power my TV on and off - it has an Ir transmitter. But, that is all that does - strange.
    They are marked down to $39 at Best Buy and there are usually many open boxed ones to be had for less. Original price was about $100
    But, they are mostly useless for the Samsung Tvs that they do work on - Most of apps do not support the keyboard or so I have read.
    Wish there was some sort of unifying remote that I could connect to it and then plug into my TV though.
    If you get one, the touchpad goes into a sleep mode after 30 seconds or so. I've read that hitting any button will wake it up. I didn't know that at first and was pairing it , unpairing it and powering it off.

    If anyone else picks one of these up, Please post your findings


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