Blip.TV GTV Spotlight Version vs. Blip.TV Regular Web Site (Comparison & Tips)

Discussion in 'Google TV General Discussion' started by CatfishRivers, Oct 15, 2012.

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    Hi all. I have some observations and tips to share about Blip.TV. (In case you aren't familiar with Blip.TV it is an excellent site for original web series and web shows).

    I have found that the GTV Spotlight version of Blip.TV is a "watered-down" version compared to the regular Blip.TV web site. By this I mean that there is far more content available on the regular web site. For example in the comedy category the GTV Spotlight version currently has 55 episodes available - while on the regular Blip.TV web site there are currently 823 shows available. Also the regular web site has the full series of all episodes for the various shows - while the Spotlight version appears to just have random episodes and incomplete series.

    In order to view the GTV Spotlight version of Blip.TV you must set your Chrome user agent to "default".

    However be warned that there is a quirk - the quirk is that once you visit the GTV Spotlight version of Blip.TV - you will not be able to go to the regular web version (by just typing in the regular URL of blip.tv into your browser). Instead you will automatically be re-directed to the GTV Spotlight version. Changing your user agent to "generic" will not solve the issue - and neither will clearing all your cookies.

    The following is the only fix that works:

    Once you have visited the Spotlight version of Blip.TV - then subsequently you will need to use the following special URL to access the regular Blip.TV web site:

    Watch the Best in Online Video Web Series for Free | Blip <----(blip.tv/?skin=new) Special URL for accessing regular Blip.TV web site


    The link for the GTV Spotlight version of Blip.TV is:

    Blip <----(blip.tv/?skin=googletv)
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    Thanks Catfishrivers,
    I reported the problem to the google tv people as well as your problem with the google tv maps. The google tv maps problem was a known problem though so I am not sure when that will get worked on.

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