Blank Screen in the selected Input - NSZGT1

Discussion in 'Sony NSZ-GT1' started by oldorchard, Apr 5, 2014.

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    I have another weird problem. Last time around You guys (especially CatFish) has been very helpful. so trying again.

    Last night, my young son stuffed two Dvds into my NSZGT1, (into the same slot). I managed to remove it. Ever since though, I am not having anything displayed in my Tv . Right now the Nsz is connected as my HDMI 1 option. Usually, when I turn on the tv and NSZ, it comes up as HDMI1-720p then a second or two later, it comes up at HDMI-1080p.

    now (since yesterday) it only comes up as a HDMI 1 720p and remains blank. It is not going to HDMI 1080p and the screen remains blank throughout. When I re-boot my googletv, the SONY logo appears and then my tv screen remains blanks (afte rthe 720p in the top right corner). Can any one help

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