Best television to pair with google tv?

Discussion in 'Sony NSZ-GT1' started by polardude1983, Nov 2, 2012.

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    Thought it would be interesting if anybody has an idea of what television would make a great pair with google tv. This includes apps that are built into the tv too and so forth. Please post your ideas and why.
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    Jan 19, 2012
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    Well, having bought my first large screen TV I would caution GTV Set top box users to make sure the TV has some form of Audio Output before buying it. My TV has no Audio output. This is standard w/many Japanese models. But they don't tell ya when you try out the various models in stores, or when you review them on-line. This is the most important feature in any entertainment system.

    Other than that, TVs are just the mode of viewing web-based media through internet connected devices. And as such, any HDTV is as good as the next.

    That said, a Smart TV is only as smart and useful as the system it is incorporated into. Folks buying the more expensive LG large screen TVs are really on the outer perimeter of any safe-zone known to most set top box users. Any GTV problems will be magnified on these TVS. Blank screens, sound distortions, and manufaturer errors are hard to correct when the TV is not separate from the GTV platform.

    Would I trust Google or its partners to support any Google TV over $1,000? Just looking at the record I'll let you decide if it makes any sense.

    So, maybe keeping yer TV separate from the Google TV experience is the best way to enjoy it...


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