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    Thursday, November 18, 2010


    Hello Google TV fans! Today we’re introducing our “Best of Google TV” series,
    a set of posts about our favorite things to do and watch on Google TV.
    Check back in weekly or
    sign up for our email list to catch these as soon as they are posted.

    In the Spotlight
    Here are some new websites that have been optimized for Google TV. If you
    have a device, you can try them out in the Spotlight gallery linked from
    your Home Screen.

    1. Chow - Learn how to become a better chef with these smart cooking tips.
    2. CNET - Watch reviews of all the latest gadgets and tech sites.
    3. Vimeo - Kick back and enjoy your videos in stunning high quality.
    4. PBS Kids - Watch videos of shows like Curious George and Dinosaur Train!
    5. Flixster - Catch the latest Rotten Tomatoes movie reviews, watch trailers, and get showtimes.
    Team Picks
    A list of our favorite websites, Spotlight sites, apps, and/or interesting features within Google TV.

    1. Net-A-Porter.com - “A place where I can watch runway videos and shop for the outfits at the same time.” - Gina
    2. ESPN.com - “I can put the game in dual view and use the larger part of the screen to check my fantasy stats online.” - A.K.
    3. SesameStreet.org
      - “My son will not watch Sesame Street, but he LOVES Elmo. With the
      Sesame Street website, I can create a playlist of Elmo-only videos and
      keep my son entertained for hours on end.”
      - Rishi
    4. TED.com - “A place where I get inspired.” - Dean
    5. Tumblr.com
      - “I love to follow all of my friends’ latest blog posts here. The TV
      experience makes it so much easier to browse them all on one screen.” -

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    Nice post! Thanks for introducing your “Best of Google TV” series.

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