Best Buy Launches TiVo TVs

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    Best Buy Launches TiVo TVs Without the DVR


    Washington, D.C. (August 1, 2011) -- Best Buy today launched two Insignia-branded Connected LED TVs that include TiVo's award-winning DVR interface except for one feature -- the DVR itself.

    The sets, which will come in 32-inch and 42-inch models priced at $499 and $699 respectively, will enable users to access such popular Internet services as Netflix, CinemaNow, YouTube, Pandora and Napster. In addition, the sets, which are available on BestBuy.com and at Best Buy retail outlets, permits you to access several social media applications such as Facebook and Twitter.

    TiVo offers those Net features, which require an Internet connection, on TiVo-branded DVRs. But where's TiVo's DVR features on the Best Buy TVs?

    TiVo's Jim Denney explains in a press statement released this morning:

    "TiVo has evolved from its roots as the DVR that changed the way consumers interact with entertainment, allowing us to customize and deliver solutions that best meet the needs of our partners like Insignia," said Denney, general manager and vice president of Product Marketing at TiVo Inc.

    In other words, TiVo is no longer just a DVR service, or so the company wants people to believe.

    As for the Best Buy Connected TVs, it remains to be seen if the TiVo brand will be enough for consumers to buy them without TiVo's DVR capability. Best Buy says in its press release that the sets will allow customers to search for online movies and shows from the Net services and will be "easy to connect" with built-in Wi-Fi.

    The sets do offer 1080p video and 120Hz and uncompressed digital audio that can be wirelessly sent to speakers such as the Insignia Soundbar and the Rocketfish Outdoor Speaker.


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