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    Avia gets Chromecast support, here's our exclusive hands on review (click for full review)

    Exclusive: Avia Chromecast app review, cast personal music, photos, videos from Google+, Facebook, Dropbox, local storage, DLNA servers

    by Derek Ross - Dec. 10, 2013

    -- When Chromecast launched last summer, consumers everywhere immediately wished to display local content from their phones and tablets onto the big screen. Having the ability to cast photos and videos of your choice was in such demand that some developers even found unsupported hacks and methods to get the job done. Ultimately, Google closed the gaps while they ironed out the Chromecast SDK leaving Chromecast fans everywhere yearning for the ability to cast their own personal media with Chromecast. That wait is finally over thanks to Avia, Chromecast's first personal media player.

    For those not aware, Videon, the company behind Avia, is no stranger to Google or Android, working with Google and Sony on the first Sony Google TV Blu-Ray player back in 2011. Their relationship with Google do to previous app support for Google TV and Android allowed them this launch opportunity with Chromecast. We go hands on with an exclusive review below.

    Read more at: http://phandroid.com/2013/12/10/avi...-facebook-dropbox-local-storage-dlna-servers/

    Avia with Chromecast support exclusive review:
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