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    Yesterday I went to my local Sony Store (Montreal, Canada) for a NSZ-GS7 demo as they just received their first batch. They told me that a firmware update had been installed on the device. One of my goals was to see if the GS7 could read the home videos I have shot over the years. So I had on a USB key samples of my video files (HD and SD).

    HD: in camera .m2ts files and edited .mts files shot with my Sony HX9V camera in 1080p60-28mbps and in 1080i60-24mbps were read smoothly. I had converted the 1080i60 file to .mp4 with HandBrake, that too was read smoothly.

    SD: in addition I had on the USB key videos shot with my good old Sony DCR-TRV11 miniDV camcorder and capture with PowerDirector as .avi (30mbps) files which I also converted to .m4v (with HandBrake) and .mp4 (with AVS Converter). The .m4v and .mp4 files were read smoothly but none of the .avi files could be read... strangely we could hear the audio but couldn't see the video !!! How could that be?

    The very valuable Google TV Tips put together by REVUE5 says in the Supported File Format Section for NSZ-GS7: "Xvid Yes (*.avi) firmware update". Is that the same firmware update that the store guy said was installed on the device or is it a specific one for Xvid/.avi ? I read on Wikipedia that AVI (DV) videos are captured in Xvid or DivX. Would the firmware handle both? If not how could I find if my files are Xvid or DivX?

    Shouldn't we expect a new Media Reader from Sony be able to read video files shot with their own camcorders!

    Thanks for your help.
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