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    I have an energy monitoring system that is web based and tied to my computer that monitors my energy usage on a minute by minute basis. I also have this energy monitoring equipment linked to a TV located in my garage. The two systems see the data by staying logged into a website that displays the data. The computer that is tied to the monitoring system is refreshing at a rate of about every 3-4 minutes which is great! The TV that has an attached Sony Google TV (NSZ-GS7) attached is not refreshing to reveal the most recent data. If I do not manually refresh the Google TV box, the data that is presented at the time of logging into the website remains on the screen indefinately. I want to be able to force the google box to refresh every 1, 5,10 minutes or so. Will the box do this? Are there apps the box can use to make the box refresh quicker? Am I barking up the wrong tree? Thanks for any help in this matter.
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