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Discussion in 'Sony Internet TV' started by martinrm, Jun 8, 2013.

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    TV Model: Sony Internet TV NSX-46GT1

    This just started happening the other day. My Receiver (denon AVR-1911) Is hooked up to the tv through the HDMI ARC (Audio return channel) when i try playing sound from the tv to the receiver i get a message saying Audio system not registered and no sound is played through my speakers. When i try to connect the receiver through AUX output to the televisions headphone jack i also get no sound, however when i hook up the headphone jack to my MP3 player it does play sound so the problem is not with the receiver its with the television. If i go into Settings -> Pictures and sound -> Speakers -> Audio system i get an error message saying Audio system is unavailable switching to television speakers. If i go into device list and send the enable commend the TV responds and says no HDMI devices were found please check connect, however the HDMI coord is plugged in at both sources. Another weird thing is when i go into input i am able to select my receivers input in HDMI 1 and view the receivers on screen display. So the TV Recognizes it as a HDMI source just not as an AV Receiver. Can anyone help me with this or tell me how to reset my tv because that may help.


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