Attemping to connect Vizio sound bar to NSX-46GT1

Discussion in 'Sony Internet TV' started by Trice, Oct 14, 2012.

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    I am the family's tech support guy, but this is an issue my parents are dealing with so I'll describe as best I can.

    My parents have the Sony NSX-46GT1. My mom wanted some better sound so I recommended the Vizio VHT-215 sound bar as I've had it myself for a few months and been satisfied with it. She was having trouble connecting it, so I went over to help. I quickly realized the TV only has one output for digital optical audio, so I connected a cable from the TV output to the sound bar input, fired up the sound bar...and nothing.

    I messed around with every setting I could find on the TV, to no avail. The setting that seemed like it should have worked was the "TV speaker" setting (or something like that) with an option for TV speaker sound or stereo/audio speaker sound. I switched it form TV audio to speaker audio and...silence.

    What else should I be doing? They use Dish Network...is there a setting in the Dish DVR to adjust? I did not try the audio with a DVD, perhaps that would have made a difference. But I'm really stumped here, and with no other TV audio output options (besides headphones) I don't see what other options there are.

    If I can answer further questions, I'll certainly try. I'll have to settle for my memory since the TV isn't in my home. Thanks.

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