As The Social TV Industry Comes Of Age, Stay Tuned For What Facebook Has In Store

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    The Social TV Space Has Come Of Age: Stay Tuned For Facebook (click for full article)

    "Despite, and in fact perhaps even thanks to the unstoppable rise of social media, we still watch a ton of television (by which I mean content).

    Another fact: the way we look at TV has forever changed, in no small part because of social networking services like Twitter and Facebook, and social television apps like GetGlue, Yahoo-acquired IntoNow, Dijit-acquired Miso, Comcast's Tunerfish and Zeebox, among others.

    We watch television with one or more mobile devices in our hands or within reach, and we happily share with others online what we like and don't like when we're watching TV. It is decidedly no longer an 'offline experience' for a whole lot of people, and that group is getting bigger."
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