ARM in talks to get chip support for Google TV

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    ARM talking Google TV support


    ARM at a Taiwan conference on Thursday said it was talking to Google to get official support in Google TV. The chip designer's president Tudor Brown hoped to make ARM's architecture an option alongside the existing Intel Atom chips needed today. He argued with IDG in view that a set-top box needed to be both cheaper and more efficient, both of which have been usual ARM strong points.
    "If Google TV is to be mainstream, it must be built on a lower power system," he said, "on lower cost technology."

    Current Google TV hardware is relatively accessible, at $300 for a Logitech Revue or $400 for a Sony Internet Blu-ray player, but compares poorly relative to ARM-based media hubs. The current Apple TV's switch from Intel to ARM, along with the reduced storage from going stream-only, cut its price by more than half to $99 while simultaneously producing a smaller, cooler-running hub. Switching wouldn't translate to as much of a savings for Google TV but could reduce the need for large boxes.

    Android normally runs on ARM on smartphones but was ported to Intel in part to take advantage of Intel's potentially better performance and experience with set-top box hardware.

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