Are You Watching This?! Launches Android App For Sports Fans

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    Are You Watching This?! Launches Android App with Advanced TV Integrations and Notifications, Alerts Fans to Instant Classics (click for full article)

    "Are You Watching This?! (RUWT), the sports application that guarantees no sports fan ever misses an Instant Classic with personalized and sophisticated alerts and recommendations, announced today the launch of native Android smartphone, tablet and Google TV applications.

    With RUWT, fans always know exactly what channel to watch, when, and why. Whether it's overtime, a no-hitter, a close finish, a big upset, a huge rivalry or the playoffs on the line, RUWT watches every game 24/7, making accurate predictions so that fans can plan ahead and immediately alerting fans when they need to tune-in and catch the most important moments."
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