Are Google And Microsoft Really Planning To Offer Nationwide Free Wi-Fi?

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    Are Google And Microsoft Really Planning To Offer Nationwide Free Wi-Fi? - Forbes (click for full article)

    TECH | 11/04/2012 @ 1:18PM

    "This is only an industry rumour mind, and it's only for the UK, but there is talk that either or both Microsoft and Google are planning to offer nationwide free Wi Fi. The technological trick to this being the use of "white space", the gaps between other parts of the spectrum. One description of it is here:"

    and also from the article:

    "Free Wi-Fi? That would be something of a selling point for either smartphones or tablets, wouldn't it? Free, national, Wi-Fi?

    The details of Google and Microsoft's plans are not known, but telecoms analysts said the latter could be eyeing the white spaces as a way of building free, automatic wi-fi access into Nokia's new generation of Windows smartphones.

    Meanwhile Google could use the white spaces as a way of offering free wi-fi services to customers with phones powered by its Android operating system, as well as to other members of the public.

    It would be something of a competitive advantage really. You'd rather be able to save on the data charges from the telecoms company after all. My only thought is that one country alone isn't likely to be enough to change hardware designs (if that is even necessary). But as I understand it they're looking at the same idea in the US: which is big enough to swing hardware designs all on its own."
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