Are Android 'TV Sticks' Eating Into Apple's Tablet Market Share

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    Are Android 'TV sticks' eating into Apple's tablet market share? - Apple 2.0 -Fortune Tech (click for full article)

    by Philip Elmer-Dewitt -- November, 18, 2013

    Summary: The trade in bootleg USB videos and Android-based media players is booming in Asia.

    FORTUNE -- One of the mysteries of the tablet wars -- where Android tablet shipments have been advancing rapidly on Apple's (AAPL) iPad -- is what exactly all those Android tablets are doing.

    The answer may be that a lot of them aren't tablets at all. They may instead be so-called Android TV sticks and boxes -- typically dongle-like devices that plug into a TV and are used primarily, according to a report out of Singapore, as vehicles for bootleg videos.

    "Pirated bootleg movie DVDs used to be quite easy to buy here in Asia," writes jnaina, a long-time contributor to Investor Village's Apple Sanity board. When pressure from Hollywood led to government crackdowns on bootleg DVDs, the pirates moved to USB drives and Android TV sticks.
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    It's true that Android TV sticks typically identify themselves as a tablet so they can make decent use of the PlayStore and that might effect someone's market share figures if they didn't know what they were doing; but the rest is even more silly. An IPad can certainly be used to watch pirated video, but it's more work and a heckuva lot more expensive than just launching the XBMC player and hunting down some movies. One of the annoying things about our devices these days are all the things they should be able to do, but yet can't do due to DRM, licensing, or performance limitations.

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