AquaMail Native GTV email (imap/smtp) Client, looks good

Discussion in 'Google TV Apps' started by twiz, Jun 20, 2012.

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    Noticed a couple days ago that AquaMail had appeared in the GTV marketplace - an IMAP/SMTP mail client that you can use to access Gmail, etc. There's a free and premium version, and the free works fine for me and allows you to add two accounts. Tried it out with two gmail accounts, and it looks pretty good, especially considering that I'm a space miser. Took up no extra space when viewing my messages, and it's set to not download images/attachments by default, just headers.

    Pretty happy to see this finally, since the Gmail web interface through both Chrome and Dolphin continues to be a horrible experience, even in 3.2. The Gmail app also still refuses to sideload.

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