Apple's Coming Plan To Take Over The TV Business

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    Apple's Coming Plan To Take Over The TV Business - Forbes (click for full article)

    "Last week we released our newest report about the future of TV and argued in it and the accompanying blog post that the battle for the TV is not really about TV. It's about the future of the platform giants like Apple, Google, and Microsoft who want to add the TV to their platform ambitions.

    Surprising to some was our claim that Microsoft was in the lead in the US TV platform battle with its base of millions of Xbox 360 owners generating more online video views on the TV screen than viewers of any other device. Many have challenged this assertion, putting the data about current use aside and asking a good question:

    Won't Apple easily walk away with the TV business once it releases its next big thing, presumably a TV?

    Let's be clear what the company is up against in its long-rumored interest in the TV business. The reason it has failed with the Apple TV so far is not that it hasn't tried. It's that the TV business is a tough nut to crack: Content is still controlled by monopolists unlikely to give Apple the keys to their content archives. And simply introducing a new display on which to watch that content as it is currently delivered by existing distributors won't offer consumers much that's new.

    Remember, unlike in the phone business where the iPhone penetrated quickly, the TV upgrade cycle takes 7 years. You can't jump in with a new version of the same thing everyone already has - even if it is elegant - and expect millions of people to buy it, especially at price points that Apple will have to maintain in order to keep its margins far away from those of LG and Samsung. Apple's only shot to sell such an expensive device quickly is if it does something very different. And that's what I hope Apple will do.

    Here's me putting on the record what I've been telling clients behind closed doors for over a year: Apple should sell the world's first non-TV TV."
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