Apple TV to gain bluetooth keyboard

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    Apple TV to gain bluetooth keyboard support in iOS 5; opens the door to apps?

    July 12, 2011

    Just like Apple has done in some of its mobile devices (namely early generations of the iPod touch), Apple has included hidden bluetooth support in their second-generation Apple TV. Bluetooth support is not present within the Apple TV operating system (iOS), but Apple’s next major operating system, iOS 5, will turn on this bluetooth support. Apple is positioning this bluetooth support mainly for keyboards, but perhaps the bluetooth Apple TV will be able to connect to bluetooth iPads, iPhones, and iPod touches.

    Users will be able to activate the device’s built-in bluetooth support via the standard settings menu. A standard pairing menu will then appear and users will need to connect with a provided passcode. Pretty standard stuff as far as bluetooth device setups go. The interesting and compelling part about these SDK findings is that Apple is opening the door for bluetooth, in general, in their $99 set-top-box. Additionally, this new bluetooth and wireless keyboard support opens up the door for the next-generation of Apple TV services

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