Apple TV? Nexus Q? Boxee? Here's The Ultimate Guide To Picking A Smart TV Box

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    Best TV Boxes - Business Insider (click for full article)

    "You now have a ton of choices to watch streaming content from the web on your big screen TV.
    There are almost a dozen set top boxes like the apple TV out there, and several more so-called "Smart TVs" with streaming services built in.

    Before you make a decision try to decide which features you care about the most, how much you are willing to spend and if you want to completely cut out cable, or complement your current cable subscription.

    Here are the biggest contenders:

    Roku -- $49.99 - $99.99
    Apple TV -- $99.99
    Nexus Q -- $299.99
    Boxee -- $179.99
    Playstation 3 -- $249.99
    Xbox 360 -- $199.99
    Google TV -- Vizio Costar $99, LG 47" 3DTV (Google TV included) -- $1199, Sony Google TV Box -- $199.99"
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