Apple Now Offering Refurbished Apple TV For $75

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Discussion' started by CatfishRivers, Aug 1, 2013.

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    Apple now offering refurbished Apple TV for $75 (click for full article)

    by Kevin Bostic - July 31, 2013

    Summary: The Apple TV set-top box may be a bit more attractive to some buyers, as a refurbished version of the device is now available direct from Apple for just $75, knocking 25 percent off the price of a new model.

    -- "The price drop could reflect Apple's reaction to Google's salvo against the Apple TV, which currently rules the roost among streaming devices. The refurbished model is now just over twice the price of Google's Chromecast, but it also comes with a 1-year Apple warranty and a much wider feature set than Google's streaming device."
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    I just tried to figure what is in the Apple TV 3, found the iFixit teardown.

    Apple TV 3rd Generation Teardown - iFixit

    Apparently, A5 single core 1GHz, 8GB flash storage and 512MB RAM. I will pass at $75, but it is getting close to a price when I will pick it up.
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    Well, Apple is kind enough to remind the industry that it's not about the H/W specs, but the user experience and that's often more about how the S/W is written. The ATV is fast enough to do what it does, and it's always responsive. I was led to believe the H/W in the ATV3 was similar to that in the IPad2, but perhaps they're playing the trick of re-purposing failed dual core CPUs.

    Certainly, $75 isn't yet cheap enough to compete with ChromeCast on price. As I've mentioned before, I own one strictly because of my NBA League Pass subscription. So if you need something an ATV can do, it does it pretty well.

    Also the ATV can be controlled with an IR remote and it actually gains some buttons that aren't on the Apple remote. That actually makes it superior for pause/play/skip/replay viewing.

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