Any way to fix arc audio settings

Discussion in 'Android TV' started by Daqid, May 8, 2017.

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    Been doing some research and see that this is a common problem. I have a sharp aquos 65" 4k tv, sounds has been slightly off since I bought it, blamed it on dish at the time. Eventually got Netflix and Hulu and the sound was still slightly off but bearable, purchased a, Philips 2.1 sound bar with arc, set everything up perfectly, works great except the sound is off noticeably bad like when I had dish. Tried everything, game mode, all enhancements off, tv has no built in audio or video delay options, sound bar only does a positive delay, my sound is late not early. Tried an optical cable, better, but still off. Any suggestions or is there a setting within android that can fix it? Root app? definitely don't mind rooting just to fix it

    But even still with just internal speakers, the sound is still off

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