Any Sort of Log Files on Sony NSZ-GT1? Remote Connectivity to Troubleshoot?

Discussion in 'Sony Blu-Ray Set Top Box' started by techie1234, Dec 31, 2010.

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    While looking into a Netflix issue (described in a separate thread) I got to thinking - is there any sort of log files that can be conjured up to see what sort of issues the NSZ-GT1 hardware (or one of its applications) is experiencing? In talking to Sony tech support, they indicated there was not - but I find that hard to believe. And if it's true, Sony (and their app partners) have really created a support nightmare for themselves. How can you troubleshoot subtle problems in a very new (and, under the surface, sophisticated and complex) product without some idea of the details when things go awry?

    Likewise, does anyone know if there is a “remote desktop” sort of capability that Sony support can use to see what's actually going on inside the NSZ-GT1 in real time? If not, again, I think they really dropped the ball - in my consulting I have a Java-based hardware device in 10,000+ retail locations that our support can “dial into” to see when thing go awry. Without that, we’d be replacing a lot of devices unnecessarily.

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