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    Hi everyone, I have been out of "the Game' cents back in the old p3 card days. I just got a TV Box an it says on the box that is 4K UCD on it. Could someone Please Help me get it going. I have Wi-Fi an a 55 nch HD TV, have got the box hooked up to the TV, an played with it a little. I have got some channels working, an some movies, but my wife is afraid that I'm going to get a huge bill if we watch any movies. So really I'm a newbie at this game. I have got the, I think its the newest fix on it, 17.4. Or what ever its called, but anyway, would someone Please help a old man out, an Please walk me though the steps of loading it, an being able to watch whatever, without getting a HUGH bill? An I ould relly appreciate it if someone would or could walk me through getting my local channels. Any help would greatly be appreciated. Thank you so very much, an have a great day........

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